Photo Restoration & Manipulation

Do you have old photographs of your establishment, founders, or family that you'd like to feature or frame? ZimDesign photo restoration service uses non-destructive techniques to capture an image of your original and repair the flaws.

Our expert photo restoration staff produces like-new copies of your damaged original photographs by rebuilding missing areas of your photos, and removing dust, scratches, stains, torn areas, and other blemishes.  We use the latest tools and techniques to restore the clarity underneath the tarnish and fog that commonly dull old photographs.

Once restored, have your photos reprinted with archive quality inks and papers suitable for framing, and get electronic copies you can preserve for future generations.

Photo Restoration



The original photo was hopelessly deteriorated and contained several damaged areas.

This restoration was completed in less than half a day, thanks to our team's decades of image processing experience and access to specialized imaging tools.


This close-up of an original photo shows a large area of torn emulsion, damage from spilled liquids, stains, scratches, and an overall fog caused by oxidization of the chemical embedded in the original.

Restoration rebuilds missing areas, removes the damaging visible artifacts, and brings back the original luster and detail of your photos.