Photo Manipulation

ZimDesign offers a full range of photo manipulation services to remove subjects from backgrounds (knock-out), and rebuilding missing areas of an image.



Our client wanted to use this image for their business card since it represents ideal form, but the background was too busy.  The solution is to "knock-out" the image (remove it from the background)

Removing the subject from such a busy background is an exceptionally challenging task, but ZiMDesign used the latest software and years of expertise to produce a crisp image for use on our client's business card.

This image represents the ideal moment in a horse's trot where all legs are extended and off the ground, but unfortunately the rider's head was cut off. By building more background and warming the colors, this image is far more compelling and suitable for framing.

A number of problems detract from this photo. The rider's reflection is very bright and distracts viewers from the subject.  The diagonal white rail encroaches on the rider, and the mirror has seams that distort the image. The dark gray contrasting with the light footing near the bottom of the picture distracts from the subject. Finally, the client wanted the picture to flow from left to right and to leave enough room on the right for text. In this dramatically altered photo, the image was mirrored, the rail, reflection, and mirror seams were removed, and the shadows on the horse were brought out to show detail.  Also, to enable the client to place text to the right on the image, the picture was extended to the right beyond the edge of the original photo.  Finally, the distracting dark gray area at the bottom was eliminated to focus viewers on the subject.