Bringing Fortune 500 Talent to Small Business

ZimDesign was founded to bring the skills of Fortune 500 marketing and web development staff to small and medium businesses.  Our team will increase awareness of your business through internet marketing techniques sized for your business, increase customer satisfaction by providing 24x7 access for your customers, and open new opportunities for on-line sales with professional e-Commerce solutions.

Big Business Web Services & Reliability for Small Business Budgets

If you're building your business on the web, customers expect they can buy your products, check order status, and contact your company 24x7.

Many local web design firms host their web sites on their own equipment, or with small local hosting companies that have single points of failure that can keep your web site unavailable for days at a time.  In-house hosting means staff vacations, internet connections, configuration errors, and hardware failures require you to take your focus away from your core business when something goes wrong. Don't build your business on an unstable platform.

ZimDesign has established partnerships with large national web-hosting firms supporting over 1,000,000 small and medium business web sites.  By establishing standardized equipment, in depth staff training, and redundant lines and equipment, your site will be supported by highly trained professionals working in teams to ensure your site is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With ZimDesign, your site can enjoy an average 99.99% up-time, the new benchmark of web site availability that even many Fortune 500 companies have yet to attain, and you'll have unlimited 24x7 toll-free technical support.

Experience You Can Trust

ZimDesign was founded specifically to serve commercial customers who want to expand their business to the national level with a web presence that reaches outside their local area and enables customers to purchase their products and services on-line.

Our founder, Dean Zimmermann, has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin and more than 20 years experience with Fortune 500 companies leading their engineering, computer systems integration, information technology, and internet development & marketing efforts.  Dean has led technical and creative teams to win business opportunities up to $1B in revenue, led NEC's web development & marketing teams, and Tower Records' web development team supporting sites receiving 50,000-100,000 unique visitors per day.  Dean is also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), International Electronic & Electrical Engineering Society (IEEE), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Others on the ZimDesign staff bring similar levels of experience from Fortune 500 backgrounds in marketing, copy writing, graphic design, and web application development.

Get On-Line With ZimDesign

Reach new customers, make your business more convenient to your customers, and increase your sales and customer loyalty by putting your business on-line with ZimDesign. 

Call us today at 530-676-5560, or e-mail us here.